¿Qué es la venta directa? Dime, ¿alguna vez alguien se acercó a ti para venderte un producto? ¿Quizás alguna amiga se dedica a hacer bisutería y te pidió que le compres? ¡Entonces ya conoces la venta directa!

Basic Guide to Direct Selling

What is direct selling? Tell me, has anyone ever approached you to sell you a product? Maybe a friend makes jewelry and asked you to buy it for her? So you already know direct selling!

Direct selling is the action of selling products directly to the customer without the need for a store or commercial establishment. The seller addresses the customer and offers the products in person, at work, at home, or in other places where they are.

Today we tell you how you can enter the world of direct selling so that you can enjoy its benefits and we also give you a basic guide to direct selling with practical and useful tips.

Can I really make money with direct sales?

Yes, direct sales have something that makes them special and that is that they offer convenience to customers. Isn't it delicious to order a pizza at home? You are at home, relaxed and you just have to wait for the pizza to arrive to start enjoying it; Direct sales also offer this luxurious benefit of convenience to customers.

It is also much more personal, many customers will feel more comfortable with someone who gives them dedicated attention than entering a store to wait for a saleswoman to serve them. This is fancy ! and first-class customer service.

Do you already want to have income with this unique sales method? Cheer up! Experience creates the master and to get started, we bring you a basic guide to direct selling.

Now yes, the basic guide to direct selling

Practical advice to start your business. In our basic guide to direct selling you will discover that, for direct selling, you don't need much.

What do I need to start direct selling?

Good news! Depending on the type of direct sales you choose, you may not need to make a large investment of money and you may not need to take special studies or take exams.

Of course, you must have the desire to succeed, know what products you want to sell and decide if you will start this business alone or work with a direct catalog sales company like Intima.

Now that you have decided to start this business, look at the money-making ideas that our basic direct selling guide has for you.

Ways to Make Money with Direct Selling

Ideas to Make Money with Direct Selling

Use different means to make your sales: organize meetings to show your products, talk about your products with your acquaintances and family. If you decided on direct catalog sales, show your catalogs at work or to people around you.

Know your products: This will help you sell them naturally and inspire much more confidence.

Be organized: You will decide how much and when to work; Create a personal schedule to use your time well.

Positive attitude: Smile at the world and it will smile back at you. Treat your clients with encouragement and joy.

Provide payment options: That your clients have the opportunity to pay in cash or in installments collected in short periods of time. Another day we will tell you about the batches!

Enjoy: Direct selling is an opportunity to meet new people, enjoy your new social life!

What should a company offer me that allows me to set up my direct sales business?

There are leading companies that can offer you growth opportunities. A good company supports your work by giving you sales tools and is prepared to answer your questions.

Intima offers you this opportunity through one of the simplest systems that exist: direct catalog sales. But if you want to know more about the advantages of catalog sales, be sure to read Everything You Need to Know about Catalog Sales in the USA .

How is direct sales different from catalog sales?

Catalog selling is a direct selling system, that's why its name is direct catalog selling but people abbreviate it and call it catalog selling.

Can you imagine having to carry your products everywhere just to show them? Or sit for hours answering customer calls? It sounds tedious! This is the kind of hassle that catalog sales can save you.

The direct catalog sales system is practical, by always carrying your catalogs in your bag you can show the products you offer to anyone, anywhere and at any time. You are not required to be in the same place to sell as with direct sales by telephone calls; You can be at work, with friends or family and you will still be able to sell.

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You can show your products no matter where you are and this allows you to manage your time to the maximum. At Intima we know that today's woman has busy days, taking care of the family, perhaps you have a full-time job, and for this reason we give you the opportunity to set up your own business with this simple direct catalog sales system.

What do you think of direct sales through catalogues? Did the tips in our basic direct selling guide help you? Tell us in the comments what you think of this way to increase your income.

For direct sales you must have the desire to succeed!

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