Ideas para aumentar los ingresos de tu negocio

6 Ideas to Increase the Income of your Catalog Sales Business

If you started selling through a catalog, you have some clients and are looking to grow your business, don't miss these 6 ideas to increase the income of your brand new business.

Now that you are an independent representative of Intima Hogar and Stefano Di Roma, did you know that your earnings can continue to grow? Take note of these ideas to increase income with catalog sales to get more out of this exciting job.

6 ways to increase your profits when you sell by catalog

6 ideas to increase the income of your catalog sales business

As an independent representative of Intima, you will have seen that there are many advantages of this job. To the flexibility and convenience, you have to add the ease of increasing income by selling through a catalog. Do you want to get more clients? Write down these 6 ideas that we offer you today and, of course, put them into practice today!

  1. Get recommendations from clients . You already know this, but there is no better brand ambassador than a satisfied customer. So, with all confidence, ask your friends and neighbors to do you a little favor and, whenever they have the opportunity, tell their acquaintances about you. And let the word spread who is the best independent representative in the neighborhood!
  2. Add another catalog to sell. It's clear: the more products you offer, the more chances you will have of selling. One client will fall in love with a dress and another needs a new comforter for her bed. If you are already selling items from the Intima Hogar catalogue, how about adding the one from Stefano Di Roma? With so much on offer, I'm sure-sure that your clients will find something they like or need.
  3. Add an Intima catalog if you are selling another company's catalogs . If you are an independent representative of other products, you can now increase your business income by offering our catalogs. For example, if you sell makeup or perfumes through a catalog, imagine how successful it will be if you also offer dresses, shoes and clothes to match them! Or quilts and quilts for your children with their favorite characters or football club.
  4. Sell ​​men's clothing . Maybe all your clients are your friends, neighbors and acquaintances and you are doing great selling clothes for them, as well as bedspreads, duvets and bathroom and kitchen decorations. But don't forget to remind them that in Intima, through the Stefano Di Roma catalogue, there is also fashion for their husbands, friends and family. Show them the catalog and they will surely see some interesting product to give them. They also deserve a little gift from time to time, right?
  5. Be permanently updated . In order to increase the income of your catalog sales business, it is very important that you pay attention to newly arrived products and news. Thus, if your clients want to know what is the latest and most current, you will be able to give them a better answer and, with this, increase your chances of selling. You may have noticed that many of your clients want to be the first to add the new items from your catalog to their wardrobe. Therefore, who better than you to let them know about the new products in the catalogues?
  6. Promote yourself on social networks . Ask yourself, how many of your friends and acquaintances have Facebook? Most of them, right? Then you will know the enormous potential that social networks have to publicize the products you sell, because whatever you publish, everyone will see it! Encourage them to share your publications among their contacts so that it reaches many more people and you can reach more future clients. If you don't know how to do it, don't worry, you can ask someone close to you for help. You'll be surprised how simple it is!

We hope that these ideas to increase the income of your business will help you become an expert in catalog sales and, of course, take advantage of the advantages of this flexible job that allows you to multiply your income easily. You'll tell us how it goes!

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