El Lenguaje de los Colores

How to Choose the Perfect Colors to Decorate your Home: The Language of Colors

If you are thinking about re-decorating your home or if your clients ask you for advice on choosing colors to decorate their home, don't miss this article.

Discover the language of colors as well as the feelings they inspire before deciding which one to marry. Today we bring you a guide to learn how to choose colors to help your clients decorate their home.

Color is responsible for transforming spaces in any home. With the help of a brush and a little paint, you can bring life to any room. Of course, there are other ways you can use to introduce colors, perhaps a little easier than just starting to paint. Combining fabrics with furniture, curtains with walls, and floors with rugs are simple ways to design the look of your home. The key is to try new and different mixes of colors and textures, to create an environment that corresponds to your daily life.

How to choose colors to decorate your home according to what they convey

The more you know about colors, the more confident you will be in how to apply them. Use this guide to play with them according to your taste, and thus help decorate an ideal space for your clients.

How to Choose the Perfect Colors to Decorate Your Home

  • Red is the color of passion, especially for us Latinas. It is striking, sensual, and emits overflowing energy and vitality. If you like to entertain your friends at home, it is perfect for your living room or dining room. A tablecloth in this vibrant tone is even ideal for stimulating appetite.
  • Pink is a happy and positive color. Delicate, fun, sweet and it's perfect for a room, especially if it's a pastel pink.
  • Orange is one of the hottest colors on the color chart and can be challenging to work with. A cheerful orange produces a feeling of warmth in any space, and also helps digestion. Therefore, it is an excellent option for the kitchen and dining room, which are havens of sustenance in our homes. A more muted orange is perfect for giving a touch of color to quilts and bedspreads.
  • Yellow is the happiest color on the spectrum. Stimulates mental activity, concentration and longevity. You can use it in a study or as an accent color in quilts, because it is a color that lends itself to starting the day. Yellow is also great to use in bathrooms.
  • Green is lush and relaxing, promoting a feeling of calm and serenity. This color, located exactly in the center of the color spectrum, rules like a fair and calm master. It is ideal for resting places such as bedrooms. Lemon green stands out among flowers, nature and home decoration.
  • Blue is the ultimate color for relaxation. In its soft tone, it also provides serenity and calm. Its calming powers make it one of the most important in color therapy. A room decorated with blue will make you sleep well during the day and at night. Although it is considered a peaceful color, blue can also be bright and vibrant and also looks good anywhere.
  • Violet is versatile and has the particular ability to add wisdom, intuition and art to any room in the house. Like blue, violet, and its softer version lilac, it has sedative qualities and is also ideal as one of the colors to decorate bedrooms and living rooms. It also enhances creative skills, so use it as appropriate.
  • Cream or ivory is the color white with just a touch of yellow and is the key to the floral range. Furthermore, it is calming, gentle on the eye and elegant.
  • Brown is a natural shade that adds intensity to any color combination. You can create a rich, contemporary and sophisticated feel.
  • White in the strict sense is not a color, but rather the absence of color. This tone suggests innocence, softness and enlightenment.
  • Although gray is generally associated with sadness, it is ideal for painting a room where you will study or work, for example. This is due to its ability to give us the feeling that everything is organized. It is a perfect color for the duvets on the beds because for the same reason, we will feel that the bed is more organized.
  • Black is sophisticated. Think of flowers of this color, as rare as they are desirable, commanding the highest costs. Likewise, in fashion, black is chic. Take this as a sign of his intensity.

It has been said to decorate with colors!

The tips included here will help you create the perfect atmosphere in every room of your clients' home. You should incorporate color in all its forms, whether in the warmth of rugs, the softness of pale bedding or the tone of your favorite curtains.

  • The fundamental and most important question you should ask your clients is: which color do you prefer? Choose it, implement it and love it.
  • Before you start planning your space, have a color scheme in mind.
  • When the walls and ceiling are painted the same tone as the curtains, it is difficult to discern where one begins and the other ends. This creates a feeling of spaciousness in the room.
  • Mixing organic colors is a harmonious and safe way to combine material textures.
  • When you have complete freedom in selecting the design, start by choosing a simple thing as a guide: a flower, an eye shadow, a sweater, or a fabric swatch.
  • Don't be afraid to try different combinations.
  • Draw inspiration from what is around you.
  • Always use flowers as the finishing touch of any space.

We hope that these tips and tricks for decorating with colors will help you become a champion of decorating with colors and that your clients will consider you indispensable when they think about re-decorating their homes.

The passion for what you do will make you understand that the limits are mental.

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