Feng Shui Your Home

Tips To Feng Shui Your Home

Secret of success

Do you feel low and set back? Do you feel like success has proven to be too elusive to come across? Well, that's Si Chi, the low energy that brings with it negativity. The secret to dealing with it is simple and quite straight forward. You need to Feng Shui your home. This means re-arranging and re-decorating your house to pave the way for the positive energy, which comes with wealth, success and happiness. How you arrange your house tells how your life is. Therefore, you can arrange differently and expect a new lifestyle. To Feng Shui your house, start from the outside getting deeper into your house.

How to Feng Shui

Create a garden

This is the best way to invite positive Feng Shui energy into your home. It does not matter the type of house you live in. Do your best to create a garden, decorate it and maintain it well. This keeps away the low and the attacking energy.

Create a Garden
Use the Main Entrance

Use the main entrance

Get in and leave your house through the front door. This is how positive energy gets into your house. Of importance is making sure that nothing blocks the front door. Let your dustbin and other containers stay clear here. Some people plant trees right on the foot of the door. This challenges Feng Shui energy. Also ensure that the first step is welcoming, probably with a colorful mat. Don't wait until the front door hinges are squeaking. Keep them well oiled. The squeak sound sounds like a cry and keeps your spirits down. Finally, apply good paint on your front door.

Introduce the Feng Shui fountain

This is an important part when welcoming wealth. Water represents wealth in Feng Shui. The fountain means a flow of wealth into your house. Many people place the fountain in all the wrong places. For maximum positive power, let the fountain take a place near the main entrance.

Introduce the Feng Shui Fountain
Shut the bathroom door

Shut the bathroom door

This is no brainer. At the toilet, we keep flushing water down the drain. This means an outward flow of wealth. To minimize this, keep the bathroom closed and the toilet shut.

Liven the kitchen

This basically translates to introducing a few plants in your kitchen. There are plenty of places where a plant can comfortably grow in the kitchen. Plants go a long way to ensure that dust is avoided and clean air is welcomed- pure positive energy.

Liven the kitchen
Clean leave no clutter

Clean, leave no clutter

Feng Shui discourages cluttered spaces. Make sure no room is too cluttered. Cluttering occurs especially in kitchens. Finally, clean your house; from the floor to the ceiling. Many people tend to leave their windows behind. Remember that windows allow light into your house hence positive Feng Shui energy. Also, it is through the windows that you see the rest of the world and the beautiful nature. Clean them so that you get a 20/20 vision of the world. You might be surprised what a little cleaning could do.

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