Organizing your home business

Tips for organizing your home business

Being business savvy is not just about healthy bookkeeping, hoarding receipts and advertising. A proper business takes an open mind and proper organization, like most things, you have to be open to change and to the uncountable fails, when they occur do not be discouraged, yes it might be small step back but take it as a learning experience so you learn from it and never let it happen again. Lists will be your best friend assisting you throughout this journey. Nothing bets a heavy workload faster than sitting in your own clean crisp setting with a reference of the tasks ahead and having that positive work mood mindset. How do you achieve that you ask? Easy, just follow these four simple steps to help get you started.

Managing Time

Efficient work starts with organization, clearing away clutter that gets in the way of your end goal and with it clearing away the mental depression. First step is prioritizing your time, establish set times for you to work and regulate it until you have achieved a structure that works for you. Juggling more than three things at a time seems impossible but with the right formulated plan, you will get it all done. Time efficiency is even more important working from home than an office, because you can easily fall into the habit of leaving it for later or over-working and not making time for the important things in your life like family and friends. Time boundaries are necessary to separate your personal life and work. Think about your clients as well, Pick specific times in the day to call or email clients. Most importantly try not to over decide your time boundaries because it could affect the rest of the week and cause delays or irregular work. Consistency is key for long term goals, great things take time.

Establishing a Space

Thirdly making and setting up your very own space, just for your business is crucial. Get the cleaning supplies ready because it's time to dive head first into all the undesirable paperwork collecting dust in the corner of your desk or that shabby corner next to the lamp you never use. Grab the trash can and clear it out, make some room for yourself to work! It is going to make you feel less heavy and give you some motivation. Put up an inspirational quote, or a motivational board. Breathe and clear your head, add a candle or a small vase with some flowers. This is your time to shine. All these little things will help you achieve your end goal. Sitting in your fresh new desk space will put you in the work mood and separate the space just for you to go to work. It will also give you a sense of pride and make things easier to organize, write important emails and set schedules throughout the week.

classifying info

Classifying Info

Second your information whether you use a computer or actual filling cabinet, you should separate it all into categorize for example your Intima starter pack instructions, your client contact info, your inventory reports and then the smaller aspects that help you run your business like your email and social media information. Receipts and financial records will not be freighting if you create a system that works for you, these things could stack up quickly especially if you do not keep track of your expensive and incomes. The easiest way to create your own personal spreadsheet is by understanding what you want to express in each sheet, or you can download an already built workbook. Typical spreadsheet examples would be tracking your Monthly expenses, sales log, and supply inventory and product inventory sheet (If you have any in stock sample products, so your clients can see and feel the materials you have to offer.) Creating an order invoice makes ordering a lot more efficient. You want all of the information somewhere you can easily find. This is important since you need this on hand; weather your dealing with the client or the vendor. Track progress and payments; keep these in files separated by your own personal receipt or paperwork regarding each account. Another set of files if you have some of your clients on a payment schedule, or would just like to keep certain information on file, for example written documents and communicated policies.


Lastly set up tools that will help you succeed such as signing your business up for a private email address, if you do not already have one and add your clients into a separate contact list so they do not get scrambled up with other important people. You can use email to inform clients about new products or promotions. Send your clients pictures of new products or maybe a small but helpful $5 off promotion for holidays or anniversaries. Even though you are a small business, you have to think big and professionally, that will help you stand out and make your clients feel appreciated. A filing cabinet can record your files by keeping them orderly and in a private enclosed area, where others cannot reach them. A colander can go a long way, with hectic schedules. Place one either on your desk or in a traveling agenda since you might be on the go, this is going to help you achieve everything you need in a promptly manner and will help distress your mind. You are a business owner but you have a lot more responsibilities than just that, so let us face it you need all the help you can get. Remember you can do whatever you put your mind to and anything that can make your goal easier, it will help greatly, take the time to think about your needs, plan it and then achieve it.

You have to think of easier ways to get things done or helpful tools you can use to get your work done smarter. An efficient way to figure out what is going on with your clients and vendor is to follow their blog, Facebook or Instagram. Since they will most likely inform you of events or in a vendor's case, the popular products they have in stock or even some new promotions available for you. Both clients and vendors will most likely have amazing pictures for you to advocate always remember to use your resources and never let the stress bring you down. Grab a cup of tea, sit in your precious clean work space and clear your head. You had this from the start.

helpful tools to work

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