¿Por qué tomar medidas drásticas como dejar de comer por 3 días cuando se pueden ocultar algunos kilos de mas con sencillos trucos de moda? Sólo tienes que seguir estos sencillos consejos y podrás lucir las últimas tendencias del catálogo de Stefano Di Ro

Fashion Tricks to Look Thinner: Hide Extra Weight!

Why take drastic measures like stopping eating for 3 days when you can hide a few extra pounds with simple fashion tricks? You just have to follow these simple tips and you will be able to show off the latest trends from the Stefano Di Roma catalog and also have an excellent look.

The parties are gone but the pounds stay. Or you succumbed to temptation too many times this month and you look a little plumper. Or simply, it's those extra pounds that are so hard to lose. Celebrate life (there will be time to go to the gym) and dress beautifully, learning some fabulous and simple tricks to hide those extra pounds. Take note!

How to look thinner if you have gained a couple of pounds

The solution is almost obvious, but with some additional details: The classic black dress with short or 3/4 sleeves, fitted at the waist and slightly above the knees. Above all, when you have gained a few extra pounds, do not wear super baggy clothes. That's what we all want to do (disappear into the clothes) and it's the worst thing you can do. It will make you look fatter. Look in your closet or buy a new item of clothing and wear something that fits you.

The best way to hide a belly that is not flat

It is important not to buy clothes that are too tight in the abdomen area. If the clothes fit too much, it is preferable to buy a larger size and take it where you need it. This way, not only will you be more comfortable but your love handles won't come out anywhere. Yes, you know very well what I'm talking about. :)

A monochromatic look is a great ally to look taller and thinner

A monochromatic look is a great ally to look taller and thinner

Dressing in a single color is an infallible trick to hide extra pounds because it imitates a long, fine line. You can even wear all white or all tan (as you see in the photo of the Laire dress - R00144) and look stylish. Choose longer jackets to hide a badonkadonk a la JLo; Add a cami or light blouse over the dress to soften your entire look and make your face the center of attention. And you will always look taller if you wear heels or Chinese heels instead of flats. Even a shoe with a heel less than 2 inches (with kitten heels like the Kristel sneaker - A00287) will make you look taller. Choose shoes in a color close to your skin color to give the illusion of longer legs and avoid straps or ribbons around the ankles as much as possible that shorten the figure.

Kristel sneaker with kitten heels

Hollywood celebrities also complain about their extra kilos

No matter how thin they are, all women complain about some part of their body and celebrities are no exception. Most complain about the skin under the arms, that is, the triceps area. To hide this part of the body, wear illusion t-shirts or a transparent top over a sleeveless t-shirt. You can also add a small shawl over your shoulders or a jacket (like the Dina - R00032 and Coline - R000120 blouses).

Hollywood celebrities also complain about their extra kilos

The right accessories really make a difference

A statement necklace will make you look taller and slimmer as it draws attention to your face and away from figure flaws. Depending on your body, a choker may be a good option as it will draw attention to your neck. But if you have a large bust, choose a necklace with a short chain.

Accessories such as earrings or glitter hair clips are two great allies in drawing attention to what you want people to look at. Remember the phrase from Fran Drescher, “the nanny”: 'The bigger the hair, the smaller the hips will look.'

What is the best way to minimize a large bust?

First and foremost, a well-fitting bra is essential. When it comes to what you wear over that bra, leave the neckline open to create a V, or an upside-down triangle, that directs the eye downward, toward the narrowest place. Another trick is to wear a vest over a shirt as we see in the photo of the Maele blouse - R00147 with the Joelle jacket - R00138. If you're wearing just a shirt or blouse, unbutton the buttons and wear a t-shirt underneath. In general, anything that helps create an elegant, column-shaped effect will help disguise a large bust.

What is the best way to minimize a large bust?

Take advantage of draping to refine the waist

Gathered dresses or blouses are excellent for hiding a few extra pounds. Slim your waist and draw attention to your best attributes with a dress like the Acanta in black. Monochrome, with draping at the waist and side ruching, this dress will flatter your figure like no other.

Additional tips to hide a few extra kilos

Hairstyles and heels that add a little more height are recommended as this always makes one look a little slimmer. So wear high heels if they are comfortable for you. Resist the temptation to wear tight-fitting clothes to look slimmer. This has the opposite effect. It is very easy to identify those who wear clothes that are too small for them and this loudly proclaims that you have gained weight.

She carries a large bag. It sounds too good to be true, but the proportion of the bag can play tricks on the eye. Choose a bag shape that flatters you (square shapes complement rounder shapes) and a strap length that prevents it from landing in the problem area (for example, don't let the bottom of the bag rest on the hips). The photo with the Yalena dress - R00183 is a good example of a combination of a bag (Anka - B00109), a monochromatic set of platform sandals (Darielle - A00273) and good use of accessories.

Fashion tricks to hide a few extra kilos

And above all, don't go grieving for having lost your figure. Very often we see overweight people wearing nothing but black. Stay on the dark side, if you feel more comfortable, but only in the middle part of the body, and brighten your look with touches of color around the neck with colorful and bright scarves or with wide lapels in pastel tones and with interesting color mixes in accessories.

Long skirts with a good cut are more flattering than pants. Make the most of your attributes and draw attention to them: magnificent shoulders, beautiful decolletage, shapely legs. Flaunt what nature gave you!

And always remember that when you project yourself as confident and happy, people will be attracted to you, no matter what size you come in.

I want you to cuddle me ;)

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