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Spring-Summer 2016 Footwear Trends: Unmissable!

Today we analyze the best trends in spring-summer 2016 footwear that come to us from the designers' catwalks exclusively for you.

I have not yet met a woman who does not die for shoes and in this spring-summer 2016 season, I think we are all rejoicing with the incredible trends in footwear. From sneakers to stilettos, classic Oxfords and heels that can't go unnoticed, to sandals, it's all here.

The spring/summer 2016 fashion trends wouldn't have the same effect without the shoes to accompany them. We've seen fashion show after fashion show, we've traveled (mentally) from New York to London, Milan to Paris, and we've fallen in love with these fascinating spring-summer 2016 shoe trends.

Shoes have driven us crazy, literally, and it seems that many of them have a minimalist approach which makes our choice all the more difficult since there are great variants of shoes that lend themselves to daily use. Stefano di Roma's spring-summer shoe collection was inspired by footwear designers such as Miu Miu, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and Alexander McQueen, among others!

Ta-Tan! Spring-Summer 2016 Footwear Trends!

And these are the spring-summer 2016 footwear trends that we will be using in these months:

1- Pointed Shoes: For those with narrow feet and a love of stilettos, this trend is charmingly irresistible! And they become even more attractive when they have an open heel (another shoe trend of the season). Pointed shoes add sophistication to any outfit.

2- Trend in shoes for spring-summer 2016, gladiator sandals: With flashes of shine, open toes, stiletto heels, flat or square heels and laces not as tight as before, gladiator sandals that reach the ankles or up to the ankles. Knees are on the list of the hottest trends of the 2016 season.

Spring-Summer 2016 Footwear Trends: Pointed shoes from the Stefano Di Roma collection

3- Sports shoes to dress in the latest fashion: One of the looks that was seen the most on the catwalks in 2016 is a pair of tennis shoes or sports shoes with boot-style laces that cover the ankles that serve for a casual look but we can definitely dress them up. with in suitable set. With an innovative ultra-flexible sole, lightweight materials and a captivating avant-garde design, this is a shoe you can't miss this summer.

4- Short or tall boots are all the rage: We have all kinds of boots appearing around us and there is something we really need to mention: one of the spring-summer 2016 footwear trends are knee-high boots! So don't rule out the boots from the Stefano Di Roma collection that come in handy to show off now.

Even though it's spring and summer, there are tons of booties to add to our closets. The bright colors, prints with flowers, imitation snake skin and glitter in gold and silver. Long live the boots!

5- Shoes with fringes: Fringe is a very 1970s trend that caused a sensation in 2015 and continues to have a dominant position for many designers this year. We can see the fringes and tassels that continue among the spring-summer 2016 footwear trends, particularly in strong and earthy tones in suede with a mix of lace.

fringes - spring summer 2016 footwear trends

Other spring-summer 2016 footwear trends include slippers (very comfortable and easy to put on), white shoes, square heels, platforms with wide heels, studs and buckles (a look between gothic and punk), the combination of textures (suede, patent leather), lots of nude patent leather as a timeless complement to any look and colored or metallic leather espadrilles, with a jute base, are the latest fashion.

We hope you find the look that best suits you and that you fall in love with in the Stefano Di Roma shoe collection.

Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life

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