How To Decorate Your Bedroom 5 Tips for Singles

How To Decorate Your Bedroom On A Budget: 5 Tips for Singles

junio 08, 2017

 5 Tips How To Decorate Your Bedroom

Every room in the house has a distinctive purpose. The bedroom, for instance, serves as a retreat and sanctuary for peaceful resting, reading and writing. Even though it may be a private space that doesn’t get a lot of traffic compared to the kitchen and the living room, this room still deserves makeovers from time to time. If you have been putting off this crucial exercise due to lack of funds, you should know that there are some bedroom decorating ideas that don’t cost much. Here are our 5 tips on how to decorate your bedroom on a budget:

Adorn your bed with colorful bedding

In case you don’t already have one, buy a new duvet cover, comforter or reversible coverlet to help create a whole new exciting look. Decorating your bed with any of these pieces, which are all available at Intima Hogar requires a little creativity. When using a reversible coverlet, you can fold it almost in half to see its reverse side not just so you can see both sides, but so you can add an exciting color splash. You can also do the same with the duvet by folding it just partway at the foot of your bed.

Adorn your bed
Be generous with the pillows

Be generous with the pillows

You probably think that being single doesn’t require you to have many pillows unless there’s someone coming over for a sleep over. If so, you’re wrong. Whether single or not, at least two sets of aptly-sized pillows plus a neck roll will do for decorative purposes. Mix up patterns, i.e. combine geometrics with florals and small prints with large ones. You can also consider creating contrast by putting neutrals with colorful sheet sets. An effortless addition of trim boarders, ribbon or rickrack to shams, pillowcases or bed skirts can yield lustrous results.

Be bold about your carpeting

Pay attention to your bedroom floor by adding a properly sized rug to create a more comfy look and feel to the room. A 4x6 foot rug by the bed is usually ideal for most bedrooms. Depending on the size of your bedroom, it’s recommended that you choose a rug that’s large enough to not only tuck under your bed, but also tuck under at least one other piece of furniture.

Focal Point

Choose a focal point

There are various things that you can make a focal point in the bedroom such as a beautiful piece of furniture, wall-mounted headboard, framed cameos, artwork, family photos, nightstands and adjustable lamps fixed on walls, etc. You don’t necessarily need to buy new furniture for this. You can replace old or broken drawer handles and pulls with new and decorative ones.

Add vibrant curtains

Prints aren’t reserved for bedcovers only. They are just as striking when hanging vertically by the window(s). Nothing is more impersonal and mind-numbing than having everything in your bedroom match. Be creative and use different colors that complement each other. There is a huge selection of different-colored curtains Curtains Collections to choose from.

Remember that the manner in which you decorate your bedroom can say a lot about your personal style. Assuming that you are ready to decorate your bedroom, be sure to visit to find more decorative items not just for your bedroom, but also for other rooms in your house.


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