What to dress, bake, and how to decorate in Memorial Day

What to dress, bake, and how to decorate in Memorial Day

mayo 22, 2018

Dress, bake, and decorate in Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a day for remembering and honoring the military personnel who lost their lives for our country. Valuing their sacrifice for the country and the service that they gave. It is because of them that the country can live peacefully. We keep our soldiers in mind and in our wishes on this federal day. People participate in the local parades and visit the military cemeteries. This holiday is for bonding and showing affection for your loved ones. It is a time to sit together for dinner and remember those because of which we can enjoy our dinner. The families come together, and delicious food is prepared. All the relatives unite and enjoy the meal and time with family. For this small reunion, you need to look your best and make your best.

What Can One Wear On Memorial Day?

The Memorial Day is also considered as the unofficial beginning of the summer. This summer plan on changing your wardrobe. You need to have your first collection of summer just right. Summer is all about flowers, bright colors and cool jackets. For this, we have the best option for you. Intima provides you with a wide range of apparels that can steal your heart. It provides the quality that you admire. Selecting the best platform is important, be it for your soft feet or for uploading your stunning pictures. It has a wide range of sandals, heels, flats, tennis, and boots. Intima is there to make your dreams come true. Dresses, shoes, shirts, pants and all that you could wish for is available here for men and women. Make your wardrobe shine with the bright colored dresses and the trendy clothes. They have a dress for all your occasions.

Memorial Day Clothes
What to Bake in Memoria Day 

Food to bring water to everyone’s mouth

The heart is where the food is. Be it Thanksgiving or Memorial Day, there needs to be a desert. Desserts with the people you love make you happy and loved. You can have a Flag cake with strawberries and berries on the top. One can bake a blueberry pie for a lip-smacking dessert. Bake a cake for the tri-layered trifle. Let your food spread the sweetness which people are looking for. Let your food do the talking.

Decor for your home

Don’t you want your guests to admire you and your house? Along with your clothing, Intima also has solutions for your home decoration. Center your decorations around the food. It has all the things that you would need for that day. From tablecloths to sofa covers, curtains, canvas and many other things which would make your house look fabulous. Blue glass vases for the beautiful poppy flowers for your table. Make it a patriotic theme with a red and white tablecloth. Get the three colored towels and new sofa covers. Let the sunshine bright beside your floral curtains. Make sure you are not left out with anything from the catalog.

With these suggestions, all you need to do is make your day special and remembered by others. In the atmosphere filled with wishes and memory of lost ones, make an atmosphere for inner peace. Don't forget the flags for those who make us proud.

How to Decorate Your Home for Memorial Day

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