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The Advantages of Building Your Own Team for Direct Catalog Sales

What do Avon, Amway and Intima have in common? With all three companies you can benefit from building a sales team. Today we tell you what are the advantages of building your own team for direct catalog sales.

Benefits of Building a Team of Salespeople in Direct Sales

The model that both Avon, Amway and Intima have, among many other direct catalog sales companies or not, allows you to form a team of salespeople and earn more thanks to the sales they make. That is, for every sale your team makes, you earn a commission that is credited to your next order.

When you form a team of salespeople at a company like Avon or Intima, you pay less for your products thanks to the credits you accumulate from your team's sales. The more credit you get, the less you pay for your orders and the higher your profit.

For example, in the case of Intima, if you have a person on your team who made sales and placed an order for $2,000, for example, a week later you will have an additional credit of $160. When you see the credit in your account and place your next order because you sold about $300 in products and let's say as an example that the cost of your products is $200, you will be credited the difference, that is, you will only pay $40. Instead of earning $100, now and thanks to the efforts of your team, you will earn $260. Not bad, right? The more active sellers you have on your team, the more credits you will obtain and by paying less for your products, your profits will increase.

Advantages of Building Your Own Team for Direct Catalog Sales

Different companies offer different levels of commission on sales of your equipment. Some give you points and when you reach a certain number of points, you win a trip. With Intima you don't have to wait to add points, and you decide what you do with your own earnings by earning more money by having greater discounts on the products you buy. And if you want, you go on a trip. ;)

This is one of the great virtues of companies that offer this type of incentive: the possibility of earning more with your sales thanks to the fact that it will not be just you but a whole group of people working alongside you; the advantage of having a team.

The next and great advantage is that you do not have to worry about keeping track of how much and when they have sold, since the company handles it for you and saves you this task.

Imagine having to call your team periodically to tell you how much they sold and invoice them for the commission. Or having to control your team by asking them to make purchases only through you. Make shipments and much more. It takes a lot of extra time and effort and, surely, a lot of headaches. It is easier for the company to handle it for you and you enjoy that benefit.

Do you know what the benefits of building your direct sales team are? Discover them!

Of course, whether or not to invite people to participate in a direct sales team is a decision that only you can make if you are interested in enjoying the benefits that this could bring you.

Did you know that this model of building your own equipment for direct sales began in the United States in 1905 with the Fuller Brush Company?

We hope this article has been useful to you. In a future article we will bring you some useful tips to form your direct catalog sales team. Until then, give us a comment and let us know if you already have a direct catalog sales team.

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