No pierdas ventas por no ofrecer ropa del catálogo de caballeros de Stefano Di Roma. Te mostramos algunos de los conjuntos masculinos que puedes sugerir a tus clientes. En el catálogo de caballeros de Stefano Di Roma encontrarás ropa y calzado de gran cal

Sell ​​Clothing from the SDR Men's Catalog and Increase Your Sales!

A good way to increase sales is to offer more products. Today we bring you excellent ideas to offer men's clothing from the Stefano Di Roma men's catalog and increase your sales!

Don't lose sales by not offering clothing from Stefano Di Roma's men's catalogue. We show you some of the men's outfits that you can suggest to your clients. In the Stefano Di Roma men's catalog you will find high-quality clothing and footwear that will help you increase your sales.

A classic from Stefano Di Roma's men's catalogue: Bermuda shorts

Warm temperatures are arriving and with them the garment that should not be missing in any men's wardrobe, Bermuda shorts . Adaptable to a sporty weekend look, or more formal if combined with a shirt. You can offer the shorts in one of the two fashionable colors of the Spring/Summer 2016 season: blue or khaki, for fashionable and elegant men.

From the men's catalog comes a set of shorts and t-shirt perfect for spring summer

A men's catalog with the fashionable colors of 2016

Shirts are a wild card for men. Stefano Di Roma offers you a men's catalog with the latest fashion shirt trends for 2016. The prints for this season cover the range of blues and light blues such as the Florent model, a soberly printed shirt with short sleeves. The Florent shirt is ideal for the most classic gentlemen who dare to go outside of solid colors.

SDR's men's catalog includes the latest trends in men's t-shirts. Trendy colors combine perfectly with classic designs. Pink and blue are the stars of this Spring-Summer, and you can put together a super fashionable outfit by combining some of the t-shirts with the previous shorts.

Fashionable clothing for men from the Stefano Di Roma catalog!

Polos are another of the wildcard garments for them, and in the men's catalog you have options for all styles. Red and blue are two classic Polo colors that any man should have in his wardrobe to wear on various occasions and that you can offer through your men's catalog. And the Leonel polo shirt, with the main color of warm climates: orange.

All hits of this Spring-Summer season, which you can offer in your Stefano Di Roma men's catalogue.

SDR's men's catalog also has sneakers and shoes for men

Nothing more comfortable and elegant than classic men's tennis shoes. You can offer the new models from the SDR Spring-Summer men's catalog in a variety of colors and designs: blue, light blue, gray and beige, with and without laces. And for the most classic men: designs that combine black and brown with leather details.

Comfortable and modern footwear for men from the Stefano Di Roma men's catalog

Stefano men: fashion for elegant gentlemen

Increase your sales by offering your customers fashion options for men. Stefano Di Roma's men's catalog is a great way to expand your market with the best men's fashion.

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