Los colores y la personalidad: ¿Cuál es el tuyo?

Relationship between colors and personality: What is yours?

Many of us in our daily lives have certain inclinations towards one color or another, right? That color with which we so like to dress, decorate our house and more. Are you curious to know why this preference is due? Don't miss today's article! Next, we will tell you the relationship between colors and personality.

Colors and personality: Discover what your color is according to your personality

Various studies support that colors affect our sensations and behaviors. And thanks to this, numerous marketing companies have achieved incredible results. For example, have you ever seen a black store? Probably not.

And in the world of colors it is well known that cold tones, such as green and blue, offer tranquility. On the other hand, white denotes spaciousness and allows people to feel much more comfortable and optimistic. While the color red can make us feel nervous... and that is why it is often used as an alarm or warning signal.

However, this is not all. Colors not only affect our behaviors and sensations. It has also been scientifically proven that each of us identifies ourselves by some shade of color according to a particular personality trait. Find out below which one is yours!

Red color

Color blue

The color blue is the tone of balance and inner peace. They are personalities who usually live according to their ideas and beliefs, without caring what others think of them. They are secure, independent, optimistic, serene and above all very balanced people.

Red color

The color red is associated with personalities with a lot of character. They are very intense and active people, endowed with a good dose of optimism.

This energy is almost always related to wanting to advance and achieve things, as well as high job competence. Sometimes they are impulsive people and this can cause some problems. Therefore, it is important to develop the capacity for control and reflection.

Brown color

The color brown is related to personalities rooted in the physical, the earth and the simple. People who love natural and simple life, without artificial elements. They do not aspire or desire anything else. They love their family and their friends.

Yellow color

Very particular to creative people. These are also analytical and self-critical personalities. On some occasions they fall into a demand that tends to be a bit exaggerated.


The color orange is preferred by very social people. Personalities who know how to maintain limits very well and who love to be surrounded by people, always maintaining a certain balance and seriousness.

Individuals with an inclination towards the color orange are understandable and very approachable with the people around them. They are followers of sports topics and like to undertake small challenges every day. They are not impulsive and love to be involved in social projects.



People who love this color tend to be conservative, calm and balanced. Rational personalities and sometimes a little cold. They are fascinated by routine, by simple things, without artifice. They are a little passive, but still affectionate.

Green color

Finally, the color green is related to relaxed, calm and balanced personalities. In general, they like to help others and seek closeness with people. They are people who long to feel loved and safe by having someone next to them. Another characteristic to take into account is that these personalities like others to recognize their actions and efforts.

We hope that today's article has been useful to you. And you? Which of these colors do you identify with? Is there a relationship with your personality? Share your opinion in the comments below?

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