Tendencias 2016 para el Dia y la Noche

Jumpsuits and Palazzos for Day and Night: Trends 2016

In this Spring Summer 2016 season, sensual jumpsuits and sexy palazzos set the trend and add a new dimension to the overall style silhouette.

One of the star pieces of the season are the whole sets or jumpsuits for the day and the straight-cut, wide-leg pants or palazzos for the night. Two key pieces of this upcoming season, due to their versatility and elegance.

The great designers have included in their Spring Summer 2016 collections jumpsuits for the day and palazzos for the night and you can have it in yours, choosing one of the models from the Stefano Di Roma catalogue.

Jumpsuits for the day like the multicolored Pallie. A beautiful set for spring from the Stefano Di Roma catalogue.

Palazzos for the night: Elegance and glamor

If you are looking for a garment that is easy to combine and what you want is a refined outfit, palazzos for the evening are a must-have piece in this season's wardrobe. They were a hit in the seventies, and since that moment, they have reinvented themselves year after year. Its success is due to being a versatile garment, super adaptable to any look and flattering for female curves.

Stefano di Roma gives you two unmissable options in palazzos for the night! The Maia palazzo, an alternative in black, sleeveless, with a chain detail applied to the neckline and long slits on the legs, up to knee height, super sexy!

Another palazzo alternative for the evening is the Gally, with decorative details on the shoulders and a color combination that never fails: the classic black and white.

Another fashionable option in palazzos for the evening is the Geovanna model in navy, with a crossover neckline, which also includes a belt with metal detail on the front and linked at the back. Impossible not to love him!

Jumpsuits and Palazzos for Day and Night: 2016 Trends to Copy and Add to Your Wardrobe!

Fashion and trend together with jumpsuits for the day

The jumpsuits for the day come in fabrics with fluid drape which means guaranteed comfort. Without a doubt, they are another must-have this season that should not be missing from your closet. A basic and fashionable garment that you can offer through your Stefano Di Roma catalog and add clients to your list!

One of the fashionable options in jumpsuits for the day is the Malorie makeup model, by Stefano Di Roma. For greater elegance, the shorts are lined, fasten at the back and come with an elasticated waist that adapts to any silhouette.

Black and white set. A basic that should not be missing in every fashionista's closet!

Another of the fashionable shades that you can offer in jumpsuits for the day is the Zelliane in royal blue, nothing more elegant and flattering to look fashionable this Spring Summer 2016.

If what you are looking for is to add a touch of color by wearing jumpsuits for the day in different prints, the Pallie model comes with three-quarter sleeves and a very fashionable spring print.

The heat is coming and fashion adapts to the season so that we always look radiant without losing comfort. To do this, Stefano Di Roma's women's clothing catalog offers you fresh and elegant jumpsuits and palazzos so that you can increase your sales by offering your clients current and fashionable options.

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