Estrategias de Venta que Funcionan

Sales Strategies that Work, Put Them into Practice and Increase Your Sales!

Today we bring you three sales strategies that work so you can choose the one or ones that best suit your sales style.

We all want our catalog sales business to be successful and a very logical way to achieve this is by increasing sales. Let's look at these 3 sales strategies that really work and put them into practice! :)

Cross Selling

What is the cross-selling technique? Simple, how many times have you ordered fries just because the person serving you asked you very politely, "Would you like some fries with your burger?", or perhaps offered you another discounted product when you already made your purchase? Something like, “For just $1 extra you can add the nuggets” when the nuggets separately cost, say, $3.

Cross-selling is very effective in increasing your sales. Once a person buys, they are more willing to continue buying for the excitement of having new things, and it is easier to close a cross-sale and with a product that is related to the one purchased.

For example, if your customer buys a comforter set from you, you can offer them an extra pair of sheets to match the comforter so they have a set of whites they can swap out. For just a few dollars more, you get the comforter set and some extra sheets. What a bargain, right?

If you decide to implement this sales strategy, respect the natural course of purchasing without harassing your client by insisting that they buy something of higher value.

If you overwhelm your client with aggressive cross-selling, insistently proposing complementary products to the item they have selected, you run the risk of overwhelming them and ruining even the initial sale.

Offer the product kindly and when your client has already decided to buy the first one, neither before nor after.

In short, once people buy this product, they are presented with an additional product complementing the first one as an upsell.

sales strategies that work

Organize a customer rewards program

This is one of the sales strategies that work that I like the most because of the number of variants it offers. You don't have to be a Fortune 500 company to host an awards program. It can be a simple program where people can get discounts for being your customer when they meet certain simple criteria such as:

  • Accumulate points and redeem points for discounts, gifts, etc.
  • 10% discount on your purchase if you purchase more than $300
  • 5% discount if they refer you to a new client.

You get the idea.

Follow up after the sale

If you don't take care of your customer, your competitor will.

This is an area where many people and companies fail. They get clients and after the sale they show no sign of life. Imagine that someone sells you a product and a couple of weeks later you receive a call from that person asking if you are happy with your purchase. What service! We will definitely take you into consideration for our next purchase.

Only happy customers will buy from us and, perhaps, give us good references. Don't forget that word of mouth is still the best way to increase sales.

We hope these three strategies help you increase your catalog sales and grow your business. Don't forget to leave us a comment if you plan to put them to use. :)

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