Decoración para Baños (Sin Remodelar!)

Bathroom Decoration: 6 Simple Ideas to Do Yourself (Without Remodeling!)

Ready for a change in bathroom decor but afraid it will lead to a huge remodeling project? These 6 simple ideas will give your bathrooms a whole new look quickly and on any budget.

Ideas to decorate your bathroom

The bathroom is probably the best room in the house for a mini-renovation. When you realize how dramatic, quick, and cheap it is to completely update your bathroom without the need for an actual remodel, you'll wonder why you waited so long.

Before you begin, take a few minutes to think about the look you want to achieve. Your bathroom should be a calm and relaxing space. Do you feel calmer with rich, dramatic tones or do you prefer a simpler, more serene spa-like space? Once you know what you want, check out these easy bathroom decorating ideas and make them a reality.

Decorating Bathrooms with Paint

Decorating Bathrooms with Paint

This is obviously one of the ideas that will achieve rapid and dramatic change. For a simple and serene look, choose soft and relaxing tones. They will give you a feeling of space and light. If you prefer a rich, dark retreat, choose warm, well-saturated colors.

Bathroom Decoration: Let's Change the Handles!

I love this bathroom decorating idea because it is inexpensive and simple. Drawer and shelf handles come in all styles and all price points. Typically, a nickel or stainless finish works best with the spa look, while bronze tones add to a more sophisticated look.

Cabinets, Shelves and Baskets to Keep Everything Tidy

Because bathrooms are spaces that our guests can see, keeping them free of clutter is essential. Organization is also important to keep stress on the other side of the bathroom door. ;)

A quick and functional solution is baskets to store toiletries, makeup and other beauty and grooming products. You can also add some cabinets, shelves or shelves.

Lighting for Bathroom Decoration

The decoration of most rooms in a house requires good lighting. But when you only need light to slip into the tub and relax, you want softer lighting. A good idea is to change the light switch for one with a dimmer switch.

Above the sink, you'll want more light. Consider a dramatic piece of lighting such as a lamp or pendant to add style.

Faucets for Shower, Sink and Tub

Now yes, we are going to remodel the bathroom so that the space feels new. Change the sink faucets, update the shower head so that your morning takes you out of the routine. A handheld shower that clips onto the shower arm and can be extended from the wall via a hose is another forgiving and functional option.

The Finishing Touches: Towels, Bath Mats and Shower Curtains

New towels and a new bath mat can change the look of your bathroom with little effort. Choose a monochrome color scheme to dry in style, or go all white for an aesthetic or spa look. Shower curtains will change your bathroom décor in a jiffy. This final touch will make all your efforts worth it when updating your bathroom decor.

Do you want to see more ideas to decorate your bathrooms? Visit the bathroom section of Intima Hogar!

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