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Tips to follow up with your clients

In today's article we will share some tips to follow up with your clients. And gaining the loyalty of your buyers will benefit you more in the long term than simply serving them once.

One of the most important goals in digital marketing is to maintain a relationship with your customers and not just try to get another sale and that's it. To sell something you just need to find someone who will buy it, but you don't necessarily have to stop there.

Catalog sellers (whether online or in person) always have the difficult task of keeping as many customers as they can so they can keep buying everything new they have to offer. And at Intima (leaders in catalog sales as our slogan says) we know better than anyone how difficult this task can be, for this reason we bring you a couple of useful tips to achieve it.

6 tips to follow up with your clients

Get ready to discover 6 tips to follow up with your clients, you can't miss them!

1 – Customer service

If you want to ensure the full and lasting loyalty of your buyers, you need to offer customer service that is constant and dedicated, without making them feel uncomfortable.

You just need to let them know that no matter what they buy, or even if they don't buy anything, you will be ready to assist them with any questions or problems they have about your products or services.

You can also take the time to get to know your customers, don't just try to sell them something and that's it. Listen to their opinions and needs, this way you avoid offering them something they are not looking for and causing them to lose interest in what you have to offer them.

Customer service

2 – Communication with your clients

Communication (both physical and verbal) plays a critical role in customer service.

Do you want your customers to be loyal to your business? Then they should feel comfortable and pay attention to you when you offer your services. Use the indicated words to have a greater impact on your clients, not all of them work in the same way.

You can bet on words like “New”, “Free”, “For only $4”; or let them know what benefits purchasing that product or service will bring them.

3 – Exceeds expectations

Being one step ahead of your customers' needs is the best thing you can do to keep them interested by using the surprise factor and keep them purchasing your products. You can surprise them sporadically with an offer, promotion, or some small gesture that makes them think “he cares about me” or “he cares about me.” You don't need to go bankrupt giving away great things to your clients.

This type of reciprocity will make your customers feel grateful and keep coming back. Every time you do something that benefits them and makes them feel special, it will make them feel important to your company; And they are, without them you wouldn't have any business!

Maintain Human Contact

4 – Maintain human contact

It is not always easy to maintain human contact with all customers, especially if sales are made online and sometimes you cannot even meet them in person. But don't let this be an impediment.

If you have the chance, ask them how their day was, be nice and show that you are human too. Don't make them feel like they are dealing with a machine that is only programmed to make a sale.

You could also use other types of techniques, such as a thank you letter for their loyalty to the brand; either by email or even handwritten. This can make a considerable difference.

If you make it personalized for each customer who receives it, it will perform better and increase the customer experience because you noticed it and were personally rewarded.

5 – Permanent contact

Find a way to have permanent and active communication with your clients. Technology will be very useful for this task.

You must be very active on social networks, since they are currently the best means to approach your clients directly.

Networks allow you the opportunity to present the new things you have to offer and to ask your customers about recent purchases they have made.

If the client allows it, sending emails with additional information about the new catalogs will also be very useful.

Just keep in mind that you shouldn't clutter their inbox with millions of emails every hour, lest they find it annoying.

And if you can, you could also communicate with them by phone, as long as the process is not too invasive. Reserve this technique in case it is a transaction that needs to be completed verbally.

6 – Feedback

Finally, pay close attention to the “feedback” or opinion of your clients. Ask them or let them tell you what you can do to improve your services.

Conduct satisfaction studies where you investigate the complaints, preferences, and opinions that your customers have, because no one knows better than them what they need and how they need it.

This way you show that you trust your clients and they will notice it when they are taken into account. Remember that it is through this trust that a better relationship between seller and customer is forged.

We hope that the content of this post has been very useful to you. And you? Do you have other tips for following up with your clients? Share your opinion in the comments below!

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