Avon y Mary Kay, dos de las compañías más conocidas en la venta directa y veremos si realmente se parecen (o no) a Intima.

How do Avon and Mary Kay work? Do they look (or not) like Intima?

Today we analyze how Avon and Mary Kay work, two of the best-known companies in direct selling and we will see if they really look like (or not) Intima.

Direct catalog sales are one of the most popular ways to have an extra income or a full-time job. If you have decided to start working from home and be your own boss, there is a wide range of companies that offer you to be an independent representative of their products. In this article we cover how Avon and Mary Kay work, two very well-known multi-level direct sales companies whose products you may already be selling or have thought about selling. And if you're reading our pages, you can consider becoming an independent Intima representative too.

Today we analyze how Avon and Mary Kay work, two of the best-known companies in direct selling and we will see if they really look like (or not) Intima.

Both Avon, Mary Kay and Intima are based on a system built around a network of representatives who offer their products directly to consumers. So we'll look at the similarities and differences when starting with Avon, Mary Kay and/or Intima and how to grow your business with them.

How to get started with Avon, Mary Kay and Intima

Direct sales companies are not all exactly the same. Each one has its own requirements when joining as an independent representative. Let's look at the differences between Avon, Mary Kay and Intima when it comes to getting started.

To get started with Mary Kay, you will need to approach an independent beauty consultant to connect you with the company. Then you must sign a liability agreement and buy your briefcase with products or initial kit. To stay active as a seller, you must buy at least a certain amount of products every three months.

For its part, Avon requires that you sign up and choose between three kits for at least $25. to receive your initial package. This contains catalogs, some product samples and an online store.

To be an independent representative of Intima and sell Intima Hogar and Stefano Di Roma, you just have to register. Once you do, your catalogs will arrive in the mail completely free of charge within the next two or three weeks. But there is no need to wait as you can start working immediately online.

And the best of all…. you can start with all three!! :)

How to Grow Your Direct Selling Business with Avon, Mary Kay or Intima

All three companies offer the possibility of being an independent representative of quality products. Profits in direct sales always depend only on you and the effort and time you dedicate to it.

Some companies, like Avon and Mary Kay, put a lot of emphasis on encouraging you to build your team. At Avon, you can get up to 40% off their products. On the other hand, Intima encourages your sales and you have no obligation to form your team (although you can do so). The more you sell, the more discounts you get and the more you earn. You can get a discount of up to 55%.

A good idea to grow your direct sales business with either Avon, Mary Kay or Intima is organizing events where you can offer your products to your friends and your friends' friends. If you have the soul of a coach, you can also take advantage of these events to recruit more people for your team.

Another way to grow your business is to train yourself. Mary Kay provides you with written material with sales tips. Avon offers online training. Intima gives you telephone support and training and ideas to earn more through the blog so that you learn as you need it.

Avon provides each representative with a web page that can be used to place orders and obtain product information. Of course, you will have to configure it and pay for some online advertising campaigns to generate visits and sales.

But the good thing about offering fashion, makeup and perfumes is that they complement each other. And by selling a dress and a pair of shoes to your client, added to 3 or 4 eye shadows and two lipsticks, you will end up making more than just selling one or the other.

Intima offers you dropshipping so that deliveries of your products are made directly to your customers' homes.

As you see, when analyzing how Avon and Mary Kay work, we noticed some interesting similarities and differences. But the best thing is to find out that if you like the three direct sales companies you can offer products from all their catalogs. Sign up and get started today !

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