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Quilts for Children's Beds: A Warm Winter and Pure Color! Check them out!

We are already in winter and with it, comes the time to choose new quilts for children's beds. Let's talk about what to take into account, the new designs and textures so that the little ones can rest warm and happy!

If you are thinking of renewing your quilts for children's beds, Intima Hogar offers you different alternatives, both for them and for the queens of the house. Choose one of the funniest designs and surprise the little ones!

Quilts for Children's Beds: What to Consider

Before buying quilts for children's beds, you must take into consideration the size of the mattress. The most common sizes are bunk beds, twins and full sizes for children's beds. Regardless of its size, remember that mattresses can be up to 7 inches high and it may be advisable to purchase a larger size to have good coverage.

Tip : So that children have a good rest, remember to change the pillows every 12 to 18 months.

Disney characters are always a good choice when it comes to children's bedding.

Since children's bedrooms are also used for playing, it is important to choose comfortable and durable bedspreads that will withstand all their cuteness! And they are easy to wash! :)

Quilts for Girls' Beds with Beloved Disney Characters

Disney characters are always a good option when it comes to children's bedding. The Frozen Elsa quilt is a fun and colorful alternative ideal for the queens of the house. Combines blue, light blue, white and lilac tones. A model of quilts for children's beds that any little girl will love! It comes in two sizes, single and full for large beds.

Another option in quilts for children's beds is the Disney Aristocats one with the character Marie Paris. Adorable! Soft quilt, made of 100% microfiber, so that going to bed is a pleasure!

For little girls who love the classic Disney characters, the option of quilts for children's beds with Tinker Bell is a wish come true. Fun print with the Tinkerbell fairy and a colorful quilt! as only Intima Hogar can offer you.

Without a doubt, Sofia the First is one of the characters most loved by little girls. Surprise your girl with the Latin princess edroquilcha and turn her room into a fantasy place! With a full color print, in pink, light blue and lilac tones, it is a product made of 100% microfiber. Design and quality in quilts for children's beds.

For the most adventurous little ones, Intima Hogar offers you the quilt set for children's beds with the Dora character. An option in bedding with a design of flowers, butterflies and Dora adventure. Impossible not to love her! Comes only in single size.

Quilts for Children's Beds with Beloved Disney Characters

Intima Hogar also offers you the best alternatives in quilts for children's beds. One of the funniest characters par excellence is SpongeBob. Today you can choose your little one's quilt with the SpongeBob joy design. Available in two sizes, to fill the royal room of the house with color.

Decorate the children's room

If your little one is an adventure lover and you are thinking of renewing his bedding, you can choose the Star Wars empire quilt. Fabulous print in gray, red, white and black colors. Made of 100% polyester, an alternative that will make your room a magical place.

And don't forget the football fan! Intima Hogar's quilts for children's beds offer you a variety of designs with their favorite soccer teams!

Winter will be the favorite season for the little ones! Warm and colorful beds with the cutest designs in quilts for children's beds. Choose yours and surprise them!

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