Celebremos el día del Padre

Let's celebrate Father's Day together

Is Father's Day approaching and you don't know how to celebrate it with dad? Do not care anymore! Surprise dad on this special day with these ideas to celebrate Father's Day.

Ideas to celebrate Father's Day

Remember that the way you celebrate this day will depend largely on what you know dad likes. So, you could end up organizing a great outing or perhaps a party and barbecue at home. Everything will depend on your tastes. Below, we share some ideas to celebrate Father's Day.

Give dad quality time

On this special day, enjoying quality time seems very simple. However, without realizing it, it's so easy to get sidetracked from family time when we're stuck in the kitchen, finishing a project, or quickly running to the store. Remember: This is a day Dad will really remember! So organize this date to celebrate and enjoy.


For dad to celebrate this day in the best way, you could start the day by taking care of all the tasks that dad does. And if there is a particular activity that he doesn't like, you could take care of it on Father's Day too.

Words of gratitude

There is no better detail for dad than telling him on his day how much you need him. Show him how you feel by writing him a thank you letter. Detail the ways he contributes to the family and how he provides you with moral and emotional support.

family video

Is writing not your strong suit? You can also make a short family video for him and even make a big banner in his honor. After all, gratitude and love are the best gifts you can give this Father's Day.

Give men's clothing

If dad is a fashion lover or just likes to look good, giving him clothes and shoes is also a good idea. What are you waiting for? Surprise dad with a shirt and a coat, or perhaps with the shorts and boots he has always wanted to complement his fishing look.

At Stefano Di Roma you will find a variety of offers on men's clothing, shoes and accessories. Explore the latest trends and surprise dad with a new look!

Give men's clothing
Handyman Tools Gift

Handyman Tools Gift

If Dad is a DIYer, he'll surely love the idea of ​​having a couple of new tools on hand.

And if you consider that dad has all the tools he may need, then go for a tool holder with multiple pockets. With a tool holder, Dad can easily equip himself with all the tools he needs when carrying out a repair.

Plan a party for dad

If dad is not a gift lover, another idea for celebrating Father's Day includes planning an activity that he likes. For example, you could organize a barbecue with some of your friends to celebrate this special day together.

Plan a party for dad
Prepare your favorite dish

Prepare your favorite dish

If you know what dad's favorite dish is, you could surprise him by organizing a lunch or dinner with his favorite dish - or sweet -.

Don't worry if you don't have much experience wearing the chef's hat, on the internet you will find the recipes you may need to carry out this great plan.

On the other hand, if dad is a cooking lover, you could turn this idea into an activity to do as a family.

Organize an excursion

If dad loves hiking, why not organize a great adventure? For example, you could plan a fishing trip or something a little quieter like a picnic day in a designated area. The idea is to participate together as a family in dad's hobby (hiking, cycling, etc.).

Focus on dad

Instead of planning everything for Dad, give the gift of freedom. It allows you to make decisions about what to do and how to spend the day. So if he is a sports fan, you could accompany him to watch his favorite game.

These are some of our ideas to celebrate Father's Day, what about you? How will you celebrate this day? Share your opinion in the comments below! And don't miss the gifts for dad we offer. Discover the latest trends for men, the Stefano Di Roma catalog offers unique designs and an incredible collection of men's clothing, shoes and accessories.

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