Tips para Decorar la Habitación de los Niños

9 Tips for Decorating the Children's Room: Unmissable!

Today we bring you 9 tips or advice to help you decorate the children's room!! Take note!!

The room is the favorite place for the little ones. That is where they will spend long hours of gaming and where they will enjoy time spent with their friends. It is very important that this place in the house is welcoming to them since they will find their dream refuge there.

Adapting the children's room to their personal tastes and most immediate needs, whether by renewing furniture, accessories or bedding, will be a good option to motivate them even more.

Do you want to decorate the children's room but don't know where to start?

Don't worry, check out these style and decoration tips to adapt to your little one's tastes.

  • Start by choosing a nice comforter for your bed, with one of your favorite characters, such as Pooh Bear.
  • Paint the wall of your room in some color from the chosen linen range. Try to choose one that is clear to give more visual breadth. This will also provide you with various advantages when choosing accessories and their colors to decorate the rest of the children's room.
  • Choose furniture that adapts to your little one's age and needs: such as a crib or functional bed, shelves for objects, a nightstand with drawers and a dresser or closet.

Tips to decorate the children's room hello kitty children's quilts

Build your mini world

You can choose various elements to complement the rest of the setting.

  • Paintings are always an excellent alternative to decorate children's rooms and incorporate children's motifs.
  • The bedspread or comforter will be the decorative base of any room. You can combine it with curtains, sheets and even mobiles for the crib.

Tips to improve the space when decorating the children's room

  • If the children's room is small, avoid using dark colors and colored curtains because they will block out too much light.
  • If the floor is cold, place a good rug or mat that will provide comfort and warmth.
  • Don't abuse specific baby reasons. Children grow quickly and their tastes vary. The ideal thing to decorate a children's room is to incorporate those details in fabrics that are easier to replace according to the age and preference of each child. For example, bedspreads, pillows, sheets and duvets.

Tips to improve the space when decorating the children's room

How to decorate a children's room: The magic of color

Choosing the base color to decorate the children's room is not a simple task. We tell you how each tone influences.

  • Red: it is a very energetic color, which gives a lot of vitality and stimulates action. Are we interested in a place where they go to sleep and rest, that is their state of mind?
  • Orange: Combines the effects of red and yellow, that is, energy and joy. In a soft tone that stimulates appetite and communication, fun and joy. It's a good color for the playroom.
  • Blue: It is the color of calm, it produces peace and sleep. In a pastel tone it relaxes even more.
  • Pink: Light pink has calming and relaxing effects. Promotes calm and affection. It is a color that helps clear the mind of negative thoughts, which provides energy and softens the character, tending towards sweetness, constancy and delicacy.
  • Yellow: It is a color that promotes intellectual activity, it is used in environments where we work with children who have learning difficulties or mental fatigue. Additionally, it inspires energy and optimism.
  • Violet: It is the color of meditation, inspiration and intuition. Stimulates the upper brain and nervous system, creativity, inspiration, aesthetics and artistic ability.
  • Green: Green makes everything fluid, relaxing. It produces harmony and has a calming influence on the nervous system.
  • Celeste: It has a sedative, relaxing, analgesic and regenerating power.
  • Gray: It is a subtle color that gives security. It equalizes all things and leaves each color its own characteristics without influencing them. It can express boredom, discouragement and indetermination.
  • White: purifies, and stimulates. In combination, it encourages all colors. Expresses peace, stability, calm, and harmony. White tends to stimulate intellectual activity and encourages the imagination. For Feng Shui, it is a color that can evoke coldness. Therefore, it is not appropriate for very young children's rooms, but if we combine it with other colors it can be perfect.
  • Natural colors: such as wood, tan, ecru, corn or beige, they convey tranquility and stillness, so they can be suitable for very active children.

We invite you to visit our website and choose one of the beautiful options to decorate your little one's room.

Disney's Pooh Bear is the favorite of thousands of children - Incorporate him into the decoration of your little one's room!

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