Si ya compraste o estas por comprar una cuna para el nuevo miembro de la familia, sigue nuestros consejos acerca de cómo preparar la cuna del bebé. ¡A tomar nota!

Key Tips for Preparing the Baby's Crib

If you have already bought or are about to buy a crib for the new member of the family, follow our advice on how to prepare the baby's crib. Take note!

The baby's crib must be prepared with care and attention. Its interior should protect you and keep you warm and healthy. And for this, nothing better than a nursery.

The birth of your baby is one of the happiest moments of your life. If you are about to live this experience or have already lived it and are thinking about how to prepare the baby's crib, make sure you choose the correct crib first.

In other articles we will talk about other accessories for the baby's crib that will help you with the care of your newborn.

Tips for preparing the baby's crib

How to prepare the baby's crib and choose the best crib

Take the measurements of the crib

Before starting the search, make sure you have the measurements of the nursery you need. The easiest thing is to take a tape measure. You must measure the length by the width of the available space in the crib. Also be sure to write this information down in a notebook or in a note on your cell phone. The important thing is that you always have it on hand.

This is the most important part of your search because if you buy a crib that is too big you will not be able to fit it in the crib. And if you buy one that is too small it will be uncomfortable for your baby and there may be accidents.

Choose baby-friendly materials

Whenever you buy a product for your baby, you should make sure that it is hypoallergenic and suitable for contact with your baby. Our recommendation is that you look for microfiber cribs. Of course, at Intima Hogar you will find that all our cribs are hypoallergenic and made of microfiber, like the Fantasía or the Dany (I'm in love with these cribs!) :) We practice what we recommend :)

Baby Crib Set - Diego from Intima Hogar

These materials have several advantages:

  • They are very soft and do not shrink . Today's microfiber fabrics have many advantages over cotton. Microfiber cribs do not shrink when washed, they are hypoallergenic (the new hypoallergenic pillows are made of this material), they do not deform, and their colors are firmer, they do not wrinkle and they do not clump.
  • They are easy to clean . Some materials can be difficult to wash because you can't even put them in the washing machine. That doesn't happen with microfiber. They also dry very quickly and last several years, which is excellent for parents who want more children.
  • They are economical . There are some nurseries made of more complex materials on the market. The main problem is that they are too expensive. Now that your baby has just been born, you will need to allocate more resources to issues such as diapers and formula, so an expensive nursery is not always the best alternative.

Complement the baby's crib with a waterproof cover

Remember that babies often spill their milk and have diaper accidents during the night. A waterproof cover prevents these liquids from passing through the sheets and ruining the mattress.

Waterproof covers are perfect for maintaining hygiene at all times. A damp cloth is enough to clean any stain or liquid. You can purchase the waterproof cover without leaving the site. Click here for details .

Additionally, if you live in a warm climate you can be sure that your baby will have the right temperature because waterproof mattress protectors allow air to pass through, reducing heat.

A good nursery is an investment

Before choosing a nursery, make sure it meets all the requirements to last a long time. Think that it is an object that will be in direct contact with your child and should not cause any type of problem.

We hope the first installment on how to prepare the baby's crib and choosing the best crib has been useful to you. Click here to see beautiful nursery models available on the Intima Hogar pages.

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